Monday, March 15

Can't get there from here

From Holland Cotter of the New York Times on video artist Luke Fowler's piece Pilgrimage from Scattered Points, a visual investigation of the life and work of Cornelius Cardew: "(it is) a memory play; a sampled, impressionistic history; a dramatization of fact. The film does document the utopian moment we think we know, bubble-fragile and waiting to burst. But it also points to what we don't know: misheard words, unreadable personalities, garbled sequences; the basic missing what-where-and-why stuff that, because it is now irretrievable, we guess at and invent."

Thursday, March 4

In the labyrinth

“A new form will always seem more or less an absence of any form at all, since it is unconsciously judged by reference to the consecrated forms.”