Sunday, August 3

sandro perri

I can always tell if I really like something when I come back to it unconciously, as with most of Sandro Perri's musical output. I don't have much of the lingo for describing composition, but I can say that I liken it's response in me to listening to Morton Feldman. I found an interesting article that touches briefly on his use of language in composition here. And you can listen to the whole Glissandro 70 album on Lastfm!

I worry sometimes that as I age my taste will freeze like a time capsule from a past era. There are so many things that I loved to listen to over the years, and now when I go back to them, I'm somewhat embarrassed by the music but can narrate nostalgically the circumstances that impressed it on my memory. It's strange to me that the popularity of some music seems to derive from a herd mentality, that it's an occurance in a time, place and (communally with a) group gives it a place in our collective memory. It's strange because fundamentally it's a listening experience and could be packaged any way, or heard in any circumstance. I can't say I'm exempt from that, but somehow these individual experiences with a piece of music appeal to something further in the brain that make us bond with other listeners.

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Ecstacticize said...

An article I read on the train today in the journal N+1 that a friend from work lent me discusses the hype cycle. An excerpt can be found at (I know, I know, it's lame for me to comment on my own blog, but the universe handed me an adendda that I could not refuse.)